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As per modern trend many peoples are engaged in building of homes with weatherboard, some peoples need exterior made with timber cladding by renovating their home. Being a leading supplier we are specialist good weatherboard and different types of natural timber. Best quality of market products is available at our end. We have range to style of timber wall paneling and cladding classic to modern styles that can be used in your project of any size. We are setting price that can be easily affordable by everyone so you can easily enjoy without breaching your budget. 


We are first choice as a cladding manufacturer as recommend by builders, designers and architects around the world as we very good history since 1939. Our products are 100 percent manufactured in Australia, wide range along with high quality weatherboard designs for timber cladding and architectural panels as our wall shingles and weather groove. Only PEFC certified state forest / private hard-woods are used by us. For making of Australian products we use chipped logs pulped and then pressing with 3 percent natural wax, we don’t want to make artificial so we don’t use any chemicals in the process of manufacturing. Weather-tax recently passed through a critical evaluation by Green-Tag by determining the “Green performance” of Weather Tax products and it resulted positive and proud for company. Our natural range products are certified with Green Tag Platinum (certification) along with Green Rate A-level. By manufacturing primed flat cladding and panel sheets, a Gold certification is also received. We always try to perform best role that Australian practices and construction product should always remain with sustainability.


You don’t need an installation team to affix our products only a single person can install cladding and wall paneling made with weatherboard.
If you have interest and willing to do installation so by giving little attention, you may also install it.

Our products are strong and unbreakable.

Products can easily be cut by using woodworking tools as it is not designed to cut with unique tools.
Can easily be cut indoors, it saves time for installation.

While installing you don’t need any silicones, glues etc. as they are designed to joint without any adhesives.


Our products and 100% owned and made in Australia.

More reliable than 0 carbon foot print.

Our products are totally natural, made with natural timber 97% and natural wax 3%.

No chemicals are used in our products.


First time installation will be useful for 15 years after which you will have to repaint.

Single person installation as it is light weight product.

25 years warranty is given for any types of crack and split.